Site C Clean Energy

  • Site C Clean Energy
  • Site C Clean Energy
The Site C hydroelectric dam and generating station is the largest construction project ever undertaken in BC designed to provide 1,100 megawatts (MW) of capacity and produce approximately 5,100 GWh of electricity each year.

Reporting to the Executive Vice-President, Associated Engineering is the project’s Quality Lead supporting the project’s overall quality management system (QMS) through consultative and advisory services to the project’s own quality manager and its other quality representatives.  

In evaluating the project’s existing QMS, Associated Engineering led a coordinated effort with BC Hydro representatives to develop and implement many QMS improvements such as a quality performance indicator monitoring program, revisions to the project’s quality documentation, and structuring a more active and relevant internal and external quality audit and surveillance program. Work continues, building understanding with stakeholders about the changes to the QMS and achieving positive “buy-in” at all organizational levels.  Improvements to site operations with regards to quality has been evidenced and work continues to achieve the goals and needs of the project.

Effective management of quality contributes to greater confidence that the work planned and performed will meet the required expectations, standards, and best practices for all. Most importantly, it helps to decrease risk and costs by investing in and implementing preventative measures while anticipating and resolving issues before they adversely affect schedule and budget.