Royal Bay Subdivision

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The Royal Bay Development is one of the largest land development projects on Vancouver Island.  Redevelopment of the 250 hectare Producers Pit Gravel Operation in Colwood, BC required the coordination of mining close-out activities, with the start-up of development activities. In 1995, Associated Engineering was selected for the project, and worked consistently on the project until 2007. The assignments included determining the ultimate grading of the site, master planning for the major sewer, landscaping, and water and drainage utilities to serve the development and detailed site planning for the first phase of over 600 units and the second phase of 1,200 units. Once the mining operation was closed, Lehigh Hanson opted to sell the remaining lands for future development. 

In 2012, the property was purchased and Associated Engineering continued with the project, providing project management and civil engineering support for multiple subdivisions, a high school, rain and stormwater management, and landscaping.