Athabasca Regional Service Centre, Administration Building

  • Athabasca Regional Service Centre
  • Athabasca Regional Service Centre
  • Athabasca Regional Service Centre

Associated Engineering provided the detailed electrical design including intelligent lighting, security, telecom, network, and power for a new 745 square metre office and a Group F, Division 2, three bay maintenance complex.

Associated Engineering’s scope of work included both the interior and exterior lighting designs, including power and communication systems, all while coordinating with the architects, who designed the building.

The electrical designs included:

  • Capacity for the future installation of a backup generator
  • Two electrical panels. One panel feeds most of the non-critical loads. The other panel feeds the few critical loads
  • If they choose to install a backup generator, then only the critical load panel will need to be energized by the generator via an automated by-pass or transfer switch

The critical loads of this building are:

  • All the of duplex receptacles at the perimeter of the multi-purpose room (the multi-purpose room becomes the Emergency Operation Centre).

  • Power in Room 102 (Clerk area)
  • Power in IT Room
  • Several ceiling lights throughout office area, especially the multi-purpose room; preferred LED lights
  • Office area and some of the shop heating system
  • Several receptacles within the shop bay areas
  • Security system and the motorized gates