District Energy

District Energy Systems centralize the most or all of the primary heating and cooling generation equipment for a group of buildings.  This results in a number of benefits including generation efficiency, reduced operating cost and overhead, utilizing local renewable energy resources, reduced carbon footprint, and improving local energy security.

A detailed understanding of project economics and finance, as well as the means by which to balance the environmental and social objectives of each owner, is critical to ensuring district energy projects can be turned from conception into reality.

  • Ruben Arellano

    Ruben Arellano P.Eng., LEED AP

    District Energy Specialist

    • I’m fortunate to work with a talented and diverse group of design engineers, who can support me in delivering innovative, sustainable, and cost-effective district energy and renewable energy solutions.
    • In my free time, I head to the dojo and train in the Japanese martial art of KoKoDo JuJutsu.
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    City of Edmonton
    City of Nelson
    City of Richmond
    Metro Vancouver
    Town of Norman Wells
    City of Surrey
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