De-centralized Energy

Communities in the north have unique energy challenges due to their remote location resulting in de-centralized energy systems.  Although it would be ideal to convert to renewable energy sources, the energy solution must be practical and ultimately improve the business-as-usual scenario.  The energy system needs to be resilient taking into consideration the remoteness, extreme climate, required operator skills, and economics.  

  • Aaron McCartie

    Aaron McCartie P.Eng., CEM

    Manager, Energy & Mechanical

    • I plan and design sustainable/renewable energy systems to create a greener future. Taking innovative ideas and turning them into successfully delivered projects though creativity, intelligent design and sound business cases is incredibly rewarding.
    • In my downtime, a relaxing night hanging out with family and friends is perfection. I love working in my yard, camping, hiking, snowboarding, hockey, golf, and wrenching on and driving cars.
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