Contaminated Sites Management

Property owners, land managers, governments, and lending institutions all have a stake in ensuring that soil, vapour, and water (surface and groundwater) are not contaminated from historical or on-going activities.  Associated Environmental works with these groups to identify contamination hazards and develop practical programs to remediate sites and manage risks. Our team has experience throughout the remediation life-cycle, from Environmental Assessments, to monitoring and compliance, to cleanup and site-closure. 

We offer a contaminated sites team with combined expertise in soils, groundwater, environmental chemistry, toxicology, hazardous building materials, and engineering to assist clients with regulatory obligations and add value to their properties. 

Associated Environmental's Services include:

• Phase I and II (Stage 1, 2) Environmental Site Assessments (ESA)
• Detailed Site Assessments (Phase III ESAs)
• Contaminated Soil and Water Management Plans and Strategies
• Environmental Monitoring and Compliance
• Risk Assessment (screening level and detailed quantitative risk assessments)
• Remediation Planning, Supervision and Management
• Hazardous Building Material Surveys (Designated Substance Surveys)
• Tank (AST and UST) removal inspections

If you have a specific interest in understanding the groundwater regulatory requirements in British Columbia, visit our page for the BC Water Sustainability Act.

  • Rebekka Lindskoog

    Rebekka Lindskoog R.P.Bio.

    Manager, Northern Environment & Senior Environmental Scientist

    • My work focuses helping clients understand their natural resource environments better.  Whether it’s through data collection, information gathering, or data interpretation, it’s all about understanding what the issues are and how we can work together. 
    • My life passion is to provide for a better community to live in.  I spend my summer weekends “off-the-grid” at our family cabin on Okanagan Lake.  I spend my winters at the ice rink watching my husband and son play hockey.