Community Resilience

The effective transition from emergency response to recovery planning in the weeks following a natural disaster will lay the foundation for improved decision-making and create a reliable foundation for sound long-term recovery strategies to build community resilience. Associated can help develop and implement a pre-disaster recovery contingency plan that is aligned with the community's vision and also with the disaster recovery assistance being offered by Federal and Provincial governments and NGO’s.

Careful and methodical planning at this critical stage will capture the long-term recovery vision of the affected community, identify critical areas in need of attention, improve the efficiency of all recovery activities, and ultimately decrease the costs associated with the entire recovery program. Our experienced team offers an effective bridge and communication mechanism between the senior leadership of the affected community and the disaster recovery task force to effectively mitigate recovery project risks by helping to achieve the mutual recovery goals of a reduced recovery time frame with improved cost certainty.

As emergency responders demobilize following a natural disaster, the pressure mounts within the affected community and on local staff members and citizens. The local team is exhausted and is now facing both day-to-day operations and the incredible recovery workload that remains following the disaster. Associated has proven experience and recovery strategies to quickly assist recovery activities at this critical time to ensure public safety through operational planning and a solid systems approach.

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