Seismic Evaluation & Retrofitting

Our bridge engineering team includes recognized specialists in seismic engineering. We bring local and international experience on seismic design of new and existing bridges, and in planning for resilient communities and cities. Our seismic specialists have experience in planning, assessment, analyses, and design of structures for earthquakes.  Our expertise includes design of new structures for earthquake resistance, as well as seismic retrofit and rehabilitation of existing structures, from small bridges to major harbour or river crossings.  We also understand the importance of asset management, and work with our clients to plan, develop, and prioritize seismic rehabilitation and retrofit work on existing structures. 

  • Katrin Habel

    Katrin Habel, P.Eng.

    Manager, Bridge Rehabilitation

    • I strive to deliver high quality projects to clients on time and on schedule. My strengths lie in finding innovative and durable solutions for challenging technical problems using first principles.
    • I enjoy being in the outdoors - hiking, skiing, show shoeing; and travelling to new places.
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