Asset Management

Associated offers a multi-discipline team including planners, engineers, scientists, and financial, information management, and stakeholder engagement specialists to address your asset management needs. We bring unique skills acquired in the municipal, water, transportation, natural resources, and consulting environment.  

We draw upon our multi-discipline team to consider all phases of an asset’s life-cycle, from planning and feasibility studies to design, construction, operation, maintenance, and de-commissioning. Our experience in strategic planning, capital investment, operations, maintenance, risk management, facilitation, and decision-making support our clients’ capital investment and maintenance planning.

Combined with our experience in organizational and change management, we bring ideas and approaches that help to develop and implement cost effective and transparent asset management plans that make the most of your investments and existing and future assets.

Leaders in Asset Management, we received the Canadian Network of Asset Managers Tereo Asset Management Award for the City of Calgary Asset Management Project and the City of Saskatoon Primary Raw Water Intake.   

  • Adam Sullo

    Adam Sullo P. Eng.

    Manager, Water Resources

    • I'm passionate about delivering municipal infrastructure with a focus on urban renewal projects and specialize in trenchless rehabilitation methods. 

    • I enjoy spending time with my family and have a lifelong passion for cars, a hobby that has led to track days, sim racing, and autocross.
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