Drawing on our extensive airside and groundside experience, Associated delivers creative solutions suited to each individual airport and its surrounding environment. Our experience also includes major runways and airstrips for smaller communities and in remote and northern communities. Our award-winning team has designed five of the seven Category III runways in Canada—in Vancouver 08R/08L/26R and Calgary 17L/35R. We help airport owners and operators keep pace with the rapidly changing requirements of regulatory agencies, airlines, and airport users.

Our extensive experience with new construction, upgrading, and refurbishing aircraft movement areas, supporting facilities, and infrastructure gives us a unique understanding of complete airport operations. We specialize in off-peak construction procedures and protocols that are practical and facilitate implementation by contractors and airport operations staff, to help minimize disruption and bring airside works back into service.

  • Chris Cheng P.Eng.

    Production Manager, BC

    • For over 25 years, I’ve been involved in network administration, CAD, civil design, project management, contract administration, and group management. I enjoy optimizing workflows, improving technical expertise, and increasing productivity.

    • Chris Cheng
    • My spare time is spent with my wife and two children. My hobbies includes tinkering with computers and tech gadgets, video games, and photography.

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