Associated Environmental Consultants Inc. is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified for Quality and Environmental Management. We offer a wide range of environmental science and management services. We are client-focused and committed to sustainability for both our clients and the environment. Throughout the whole project life cycle, you can count on Associated to use proven approaches, streamline regulatory approvals, and find innovative solutions.

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How We Can Help

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Local Contacts:

Region Local Contact Phone #
BC Corinna Hoodicoff 250.545.3672
BC (Lower Mainland) Jennifer Privé  604.293.1411
Northern Territories Rebekka Lindskoog  250.545.3672
Alberta North Sandra Meidinger 780.451.7666 
Alberta South Richard Simpson 403.262.4500 
Saskatchewan/Manitoba Kerri Walker 306.721.2466 
All Other Inquires Corinna Hoodicoff 250.545.3672 



Your Project Environmental Needs: From Planning to Construction In a three-part webinar series we will take you on a journey through a fictitious linear project in northern Alberta. Our team of experts will walk you through all the things that can go wrong and show you how to set your project up for what could go right.

Getting to Shovel Ready - a three-part webinar series intended for government project managers, planners, operators, and administrators who have projects planned around water. Learn how to get your project "shovel-ready", including what environmental approvals are needed before starting construction, sustainable techniques for erosion and sediment control, and unlocking the mystery around environmental flow needs.


Related Expertise:

 Environmental Leaders:

Brent Phillips
Brent Phillips, M.Sc., R.P.Bio.

Vice President & General Manager, Environmental

Corinna Hoodicoff
Corinna Hoodicoff, R.P.Bio.
Division Manager, BC/North, Environmental
Sandra Meidinger
Sandra Meidinger, P.Biol., R.P. Bio.
Division Manager, Alberta North, Environmental
Rebekka Lindskoog
Rebekka Lindskoog, R.P. Bio.
Manager, Northern Environment
Nicole Penner
Nicole Penner, P.Ag.
Manager, Water and Earth Sciences
Paul Hague
Paul Hague, B.Sc., R.P.F.
Operations Manager