Associated has expertise in a wide variety of energy fields.  Our experience includes hydroelectricity, hydraulic energy recovery, bio-energy, heat recovery, district energy, geoexchange heating and cooling, and solar energy.  Our team is a recognized leader in water and wastewater pumping systems, specializing in strategies that improve energy efficiency, and use alternative and renewable energy technologies, such as hydraulic energy recovery.  We have led complex projects in the production and use of biogas, biosolids, and green fuels in the agricultural and water resource recovery fields.  We work with our clients to understand their unique challenges and needs, and develop sustainable solutions for the facility or community that considers environmental, social, and economic impacts.  By integrating sustainable design principles, we provide services to improve overall building and community energy systems that reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. In recognition of our technical expertise and innovation, we have received awards for the design of the Inuvik LNG Facility for Community Electricity as well as the City of Nanaimo’s South Fork Reservoir Energy Recovery System.

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Energy Leaders:

Aaron McCartie
Aaron McCartie, CEM, P.Eng.
Manager, Energy & Mechanical - BC
Thomas Hummel, P.Eng., CEM, MBA
Manager, Building Services & Energy - Ontario