Our integrated team of hydrogeologists, hydrologists, and biologists offers a broad range of expertise directly relevant to the BC Water Sustainability Act. Development of groundwater-based water supply systems for municipal, industrial, recreational, mining, and agricultural clients is a major focus of our work. Our BC, Canadian, and international experience gives our team a comprehensive understanding of various regulatory frameworks, and how best to apply appropriate solutions.

We can help you navigate and interpret the Water Sustainability Act and apply for water licences

Our services include:

  • Compiling well and water use information efficiently
  • Developing maps showing location of wells and where the water is used, property boundaries, and other site-specific features
  • Acting as the “agent on record” for applications
  • Providing regulatory and technical support during the application process
  • Completing technical studies in support of existing and new applications:
    • Groundwater availability studies (desktop hydrogeological studies)
    • Designing new water supply wells 
    • Designing and supervising pumping tests
    • Aquifer mapping at local and regional scales
    • Groundwater recharge and budget analysis (water supply and demand studies)
    • Surface water hydrology studies
    • Hydraulic connection studies
    • Environmental flow needs (EFN) review and assessment
    • Fish and aquatic habitat analysis

Related specialist services include:

  • groundwater exploration and test-production well programs
  • aquifer testing
  • groundwater quality and quantity characterization
  • well rehabilitation
  • aquifer protection planning
  • dewatering and depressurization
  • hydrogeologic risk and impact assessment
  • groundwater recharge and budget analysis
  • artificial groundwater recharge and injection well studies
  • aquifer mapping at local and regional scales
  • surface water and groundwater interaction studies
  • groundwater flow and contaminant transport modeling
  • groundwater use licencing 
  • local and regional scale hydrogeological assessments