• Scott Friel P.E., P.Eng.

    Power and Automation Specialist

    • I enjoy trouble shooting. My approach is to focus my energy on the root cause of the client's problem and develop a solution.
    • Scott Friel
    • My family, friends, and the outdoors. I love strategy games, board games, card games. When I am not surrounded by friends and family, I like to explore the mountains with my wife.
  • Juliana Tang M.Sc., P.Eng., LEED AP, ENV SP

    Geo-Environmental Engineer, Sustainable Design Specialist

    • I have a strong interest in environmental sustainability and enjoy solving problems and engaging with people to preserve, protect, and restore our planet. I'm focused on integrating sustainability into our engineering practices and am committed to reducing our company's carbon footprint.
    • Juliana Tang
    • I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, and keeping physically healthy by going to the gym, doing yoga, and running. I have lots of fun with photography, gardening, and crocheting.
  • Dave Anderson

    Dave Anderson P.Eng.

    Aviation Specialist

    • I think it's important to provide proven solutions that can provide superior, overall life-cycle value, while still looking for opportunities to incorporate innovation and new technology in every project for our clients.
    • I enjoy helping friends and family to focus on the positive and bright side of life.
  • Daniel_du_Toit

    Daniel du Toit P.Eng.

    Senior Project Manager

    • My mind has been wired to solve problems. Consulting allows me to apply my mind to solve problems for our clients, and thereby hopefully improve the environment we live in.
    • Time with family is precious and I therefore make that a priority. We enjoy the great outdoors that Canada provides and activities such as snowboarding, cycling, camping, and lounging at the beach.